Past and present
Some important dates of the Club story
  • Foundation of the Club: 11.11.1986
  • Foundation of the Speleological section: 24.11.1989
  • Foundation (unofficial) of the free-climbing section: near 1995 (will last only some years)
  • Foundation (unofficial) of the trekking section: near 1999
Description of the Sport Club Grmada

The Sport Club Grmada was established in 1986 as a downhill skiing and skiroll team. After the first few years' encouraging results, in 1988 the club ran into financial difficulties. Their future was quite uncertain but the year later some local youths started with a new activity - speleology.

Skiing activities ceased at all, while caving began to grow steadily stronger. Some members began to occupy themselves also with free-climbing.

Today the club counts a considerable number of members. They are a member of the Slovenian Caving Association (Jamarska zveza Slovenije), the Speleological Federation from Triest (Federazione Speleologica Triestina), Speleological Federation from Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Federazione Speleologica Regionale del Friuli-Venezia Giulia) and the Italian Speleological Association (Società Speleologica Italiana).

Grmada constantly collaborates with the local cave registers, drawing outline maps of recently discovered caves. From time to time they organize guided visits to local caves of easy access for the public. They often collaborate with other local italian and slovene caving groups, organize meetings and produce documentery films about their activity. They sometimes collaborate with local schools, the botanic gardens Carsiana, the Natural Science Museum from Triest, the Archeological Faculty of the Ljubljana University and the Natural Science Faculty in Trieste, conducting researches on biospeleology as well as physical and geological characteristics on the Karstic ground.